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Find a Niche

Who says business isn’t sexy? Well it is when your business is all about corsets, dresses, catsuits, hood, gloves and boots made from latex, leatherette and PVC. Marijke Schreurs has the distinction of being the proud owner of the only online fetish fashion store based in Thailand. Marijke says that this is such a niche market she can barely name any competitors. Tall, slim and blonde, we were not surprised to hear how Dutch Marijke had done a lot of modeling and acting in her younger years, which led to her interest in fashion.

Marijke’s journey from the Netherlands to Thailand began 18 years ago, when she moved to work in the hospitality industry. After six years working in hotels, Marijke decided to set up on her own. She juggled with different business ideas until she decided that with the gap in the market for latex, leatherette and PVC outfits, her passion for fashion would come in handy. From having past experience in the entertainment and movie industry she felt there was a lack of clothing which was a bit extravagant, different, kinky and sexy in Thailand. Perhaps in the past conservative and prudish attitudes towards anything blatantly provocative had curbed the market for fetish fashion, but Marijke observed the progressive and liberal nature of contemporary Thai fashion and became adamant that there was a niche market for these kinds of products.

Six years ago Marijke opened an online store focused on selling to the Southeast Asia region. Planet Latex is now run from Chang Mai. Over the last six years the business has grown on-line as well as off-line through exposure via extensive marketing.
These types of kinky clothing are bought for going clubbing, for fancy dress parties, fashion shoots and for use in the broad entrainment industry and of course for those who have personal fetishes. “Fetish themed clothing doesn’t mean you have to dress trashy, there is a classy way to do everyting!” highlights Marijke.

Planet Latex creations range from dresses to bodies, corsets, trousers, catsuits, bras, footwear and accessories and much more for both women and men. Marijke designs some pieces herself, and tries to keep up with fashion trends. “We offer the opportunity for customers to visit our showroom, see our collection, try the garments on and buy. People are always surprised to see how flattering latex can be.” Planet Latex fetish fashion/party wear has been used to dress up models, actors and presenters and has been featured in many magazines, on television and at fashion fairs. This extensive publicity had increased the company’s brand awareness locally and abroad.

Each month she sells anything between ten and 100 pieces, depending on wholesale deals, seasonal and special promotions etc. “Considering the fact that Europe, America, Canada and Australia are setting the trend in fetish fashion design/party wear, it will be only a matter of time before Asia will become a successful follower,” adds Marijke.

Planet Latex has recently launched a community channel online to be able to let those who are interested in fetish fashion/party wear to get connected. Planet Latex hopes to become the biggest player in the Asian market.

Marijke emphasises the importance of social media for promoting business, she also says it is crucial not to limit your market. In her case, she exports all over the world, which increases sales opportunities with such a niche product.

To make an appointment or for inquiries call : 081-8927959